Hi! I'm Becca




Once upon a time, I worked as a nurse. But it didn't take long until I felt like what I was doing wasn't aligning with my values. My eyes were opened to the world of nutrition. 

Nutrition was my path to finding that there are many "unconventional" paths to follow in life including mothering and life in general

Looking around the world today, I see so many people who are tired of chasing what society tells us is important, I know I am. 

Join me on the journey of living life free and more abundantly. 

Those are just my official titles. I'm also a follower of Jesus, wife, mom to 3, and truth seeker. I'm mostly known for natural health and telling stories.

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a few of my favorite things

I love cold brew! I'd take it almost any day over hot coffee! 

Traveling is one of my favorite things to do. Paris is on the top of my bucket list. 

Super heroes were my thing long before the movies came out. Captain America is my fave. 

The beach calls my name and I go any chance I get. 

I like big dogs. I hate cats. 

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