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If you read this post, you know that I read 10-15 books every month. If you’re looking to read more, that post will tell you all about how to read more. This post will tell you what to read as these are my favorite books I’ve read in each of these categories. Maybe you’ll enjoy some of them too.

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My faith is the cornerstone of my life. For a long time, I read almost nothing that didn’t have a spiritual message or undertone to it. I’ve since expanded my reading repertoire, but here’s my favorite books on faith that I’ve read:

Women of the Word – this one is about how to study your Bible practically (available on Scribd)

The Circle Maker – best book on prayer I’ve read (available on Scribd)

The Liturgy of the Ordinary – this one is about finding God in everyday life (available on Scribd)

In a Pit with a Lion on a Snowy Day – seizing the opportunities and pursuing your dreams (available on Scribd)

A Life God Rewards – how what you do today matters for eternity

Some of my favorite authors in this category are: Mark Batterson, Chip Ingram, Lisa Bevere, Jen Wilkin, and Lysa Teurkerst


I love business! I could read business books for days on end. Here’s my favorites:

Called to Create – a book about how creativity and our gifts are a call from God

Profit First – a great book on l how to manage business finacnces (available on Scribd)

People over Profit – focusing on your customers over making money (available on Scribd)

Building a Storybrand – how to use story well in your business (available on Scribd)

Business Boutique – a practical how-to guide on how to start a business (available on Scribd)

Favorite authors in this category are: Jordan Raynor, Donald Miller, Mike Michalowicz, Dale Partridge, and Christy Wright

Personal Development

I’m always looking to learn new things about myself and my personality that will help me to function better or be more productive in life. Here’s my favorites in this category:

Finish – this one is about how to finally finish the projects you start

Soundtracks – this one is about overthinking everything to death (available on Scribd)

Atomic Habits – amazing book about the power of habit

Boundaries – the best book I’ve read on personal boundaries (available on Scribd)

The Road Back to You – the best book on the enneagram (available on Scribd)

Favorite authors: Jon Acuff, Ian Morgan Cron, James Clear, Henry Cloud


Obviously, nutrition and healthy living are passions of mine. There are SO many good books, but here’s my top five:

Eat the Yolks – and easy and well done book about basic nutrition

A Mind of Your Own – looking at mental health from a holistic perspective (available on Scribd)

Dirty Genes – how to look at your genetics and use nutrition to beat them (available on Scribd)

Vaccines, Autoimmunity, and the Changing Nature of Childhood Illness – looking at the epidemic autoimmunity and chronic disease in children (available on Scribd)

Deep Nutrition – a look at epigenetics and nutrition (available on Scribd)

Book List For Christian Moms


Marriage is something I’m passionate about as well, and I want to continue growing and becoming a better partner. Here’s are my favorites:

What’s it Like to be Married to Me – self reflection in marriage (available on Scribd)

The Good Girl’s Guide to Great Sex – an awesome book about everything you’ve wanted to know about sex, in a clean, biblical format (available on Scribd)

The Five Love Languages – learning how to tell your spouse you love them in their language (available on Scribd)

For Women Only – perspective on how your huband struggles

The Power of a Praying Wife – learning how to pray over your husband (available on Scribd)


It’s only been a couple of years since I started reading fiction again and I’m loving it. Of course, there are SO many books in fiction, that most of my favorites are series. Here they are:

The Hunger Games Trilogy – a young woman leads an uprising, sign me up!(available on Scribd)

If I Run – a series about bringing down a corrupt organization (available on Scribd)

Christiansen Family – series about a sweet family and their struggles (available on Scribd)

Rock Harbor Series – a series of books that follows a young woman and her search and rescue dog (available on Scribd)

Danger Never Sleeps Series – these books follow several young women who have just come home from the war in the middle east and the trouble that follows them (available on Scribd)

Favorite authors: Lynette Eason, Terri Blackstock, Susan May Warren, Karen Kingsbury, Beverly Lewis, Colleen Coble, Andy Andrews, Denise Hunter, Tammy Gray, and T.I. Lowe


This is the hardest job I’ve ever done, so I try to learn all I can from those who have gone before. My favorites for parenting are:

Love Centered Parenting – this book is so good and so full of practical advice on parenting (available on Scribd)

Hands-Free Mama – this book is very good at opening your eyes to how technology is interfering with your parenting (available on Scribd)

Triggers – I never considered myself an angry person, until I had kids. This book is so good at pointing out and teaching how to manage angrey reactions. There’s also a follow-up book too (available on Scribd)

Mama Bear Apologetics – if ever a book like this was needed, it’s now. This book delves into modern day viewpoints such as socialism, marxism, racism, etc from a biblical perspective. There’s also another book about sexuality from the same author that’s very good as well (available on Scribd)

Mom Set Free – this book is for you if you feel pressure to raise your children to be good Christian people (available on Scribd)

For the Children

I love listening to audiobooks with my kids. Some of the series we’ve enjoyed are:

Adventures in Odyssey – technically this isn’t a book, but it is our favorite listening option in the car on shorter trips. The stories are fun and faith-based.

Chronicles of Narnia – this is a classic, but also kep my little ones captivated from the start (available on Scribd)

Little House on the Prairie – these are fascinating and also fun to listen to. We all marvel over what they all went through on their journey (available on Scribd)

Geronimo Stilton – these books are silly and also read with different voices and sound-effects (available on Scribd)

Magic Treehouse – So many adventures in this series and also educational in some ways

Baxter Family Children – this is a series by Karen Kingsbury based on her very popular Baxter family as children (available on Scribd)

The Ember Series – the story takes a bit to get into, but is very good (available on Scribd)

Herb Fairies – book series that teaches children how to use herbs medicinally through fun stories

Tuttle Twins – teaches children in an easy to understand way about social issues such as laws, education, etc.


These are books that are good but I’m not quite sure where to put them:

Gay Girl, Good God – a memoir about a gay, black woman who comes to know and love Jesus. Very good and compelling (available on Scribd)

Live in Love – written by Lauren Akins (wife of Thomas Rhett) on their story, which is very interesting

The Magnolia Story – memoir of Chip & Joanna Gaines and how Magnolia and Fixer Upper came to be (available on Scribd)

Capital Gaines – book of Chip’s earlier years (and mistakes). Chip is very down-to-earth and funny too (available on Scribd)

Love Letter LifeJeremy and Audrey Roloff (Little People, Big World), share their story of how they met and fell in love as well as sharing their faith and temptations along the way (available on Scribd)

Behind the Lights – written by Helen Smallbone, the mother of Rebecca St. James and for King & Country (available on Scribd)

I hope this list has inspired you to pick up a book. There are so many good ones out there! If you need some practical tips on how to read more, see this post. Happy reading! 

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