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Complete Review of New Zenler Course Platform

If you are a health and wellness professional wondering which course platform might work best for you, you’re in the right place. After trying several course platforms including self-hosted on Worpress, Teachable, and Podia, I’ve finally found the solution that I’ve been looking for. 

As wellness professionals, many of us spend a lot of time teaching. After doing 1:1 and then a group program, some online resources seemed to be the next step in offering ways to help clients, while still making some passive income as well. 


What is New Zenler

New Zenler is a newer all-in-one platform similar to Kajabi, only at a much lower price point. New Zenler is the course platform I’ve finally settled on after much searching. It’s perfect for teaching, building an email list, hosting your website (if you want), digital products, and more.

Here are all the ways you can utilize New Zenler and save money on some of your other subscriptions you may have in your business. 

Courses & Memberships

Selling digital courses is a great way to share your expertise without having to work 1:1 with each client. You can preload videos, workbooks, pdf’s, downloads, and really any other thing that you think would also be helpful for students. You even have the ability to have a quiz or assignment in your course. 

It’s also very easy to run a group program this way as you can set release dates for modules. You also have the ability to host a live component through zoom right within New Zenler! This is great for hosting your group sessions or “office hours”.



New Zenler also offers the option to set up payments in a membership format. Setting this up is the same as a course, but choosing a subscription based model for payment. Memberships are great for something that takes a long time to teach or ongoing instruction – think hot seats, coaching sessions, or special guests teaching. 

Build Your Funnels

Building a funnel is a way of saying “warm up your leads”. Basically, you use a landing page to introduce yourself, or your product, to someone new. Then you can do a number of things depending on what your goals are. You can build your email list (more on that in a minute), give away a lead magnet, offer a sales, call, or really any other thing you want as the next step for your client. 


Within New Zenler, you can build just about any kind of funnel you want. You can offer a lead magnet, a n intro video to you or your work, or offer a free workshop in exchange for an email. Be creative with this and think about, or even ask current or past clients, what may be helpful for a potential client and will increase that know, like, and trust factor while also bringing value to your clients. This will also help to build your email list which we’ll talk about next. 

Other Features


Yes, you can have your blog right on New Zenler. There’s all the SEO functionality that you would expect from any blog. It’s great because you really wouldn’t need to have a separate website if you didn’t want to. 

Build your email list

New Zenler has some great tools you can utilize to build your email list. As mentioned above, funnels are a great way to build your email list. It’s important to start building your email list as quickly as possible when starting a business. 

This gives you access to people who are interested in products or services you have to offer. When you have a new digital product, course, membership, or you have openings for new clients, you’ll be more likely to make sales or fill your spots if you have people who have already said they are interested. You’ll then just be able to send out your email sequence and if you’ve done a good time warming up those leads, you should have some sales. 

Landing Pages

New Zenler offers the ability to build landing pages. Landing pages are helpful for building funnels, sales pages, tripwire pages, and really any other thing you want to have a webpage for. 

The landing page builder offers features like countdown timers, pricing tables, about sections, and feature sections. There’s also the option of cookies which will automatically expire an offer or redirect to another page once the timer is up, based on time being up by a counter, or per visitor giving you the ability to make a special one-time offer to new visitors on your list, such as a tripwire funnel. 

Digital products

There are many things that you likely have in your tool belt that would be a great product for your audience. These could be things like meal plans, cheat sheets, lab guides, an ebook, or really any other product that several people have asked you for. 

It’s very easy to sell these within New Zenler! And there are several built-in landing pages that you can edit to your liking as well. This gets you up and going rather quickly with passive income.


Quizzes are a great way to assess knowledge of a student and also evaluate where your course may need some modification. New Zenler offers several quiz options such as basic, graded, and timed to best fit your goals. 


Are you tired of all the censorship on platforms such as Facebook? Yea, me too. I love the built-in community feature. You can have as many communities as you want and link them to whichever product, course, or membership you want. 

Zoom Integration

New Zenler so that you can host a webinar (paid or free), a live class, and again, the ability to offer a live component to a course or membership.

This is a great feature that I have not seen integrated on any other course platform as of yet. And no, you don’t need to have a premium Zoom account to use this feature. The limits for attendees are higher than a free Zoom account as well.

If you choose, you can also use this to run any webinars you may want. These webinars can be live, interactive, and can even be live-streamed to YouTube or Facebook. 

Payment Options

You can basically make whatever payment arrangement you want; one-time payment, payment plan, recurring payments (think membership), a larger payment up front and smaller ones after. However you want to charge. 

There’s also the option to create coupons in whatever way you want. You can do a one-off, expire on a certain date, expire after certain number of uses etc. You can even designate which products the coupon can be used for. 


If you’re anything like me, you have a good network of like-minded professionals that specialize in different areas of health. New Zenler offers the ability to have affiliates. An affiliate is basically when one of your friends or colleagues sells one of your products or courses for you, and then you give them a commission on that sale. 

Your affiliates then share your offer with their audience. This basically gives you a much larger audience as your affiliates want to help others and make money. New Zenler has a great and easy dashboard and payout system for affiliates. 



Do you ever with you could have a friend or guest expert join you for your course or membership? In New Zenler, you can designate roles to people to do just that. You can add someone on as an instructor and give them access without giving them access to your admin panel. 

There are actually quite a few more features that can be so helpful and be used in a variety of ways such as 

  • Course categories – allows you to show all of your courses in a category which may lead to more sales
  • Upsells – offer a discount on another course or product during checkout to boost your sales
  • Course bundling – Offer a bundle of courses at a discount
  • Course Reviews – get that social proof you’re after
  • Course Completion Certificates 
  • Drag & Drop page builder
  • Multiple Integrations of other software

Give it a Try

Overall, Zenler is a very affordable option with so many features that will help you to run your wellness business the way you want to rather than letting it run you. 

New Zenler offers a free trial so you can get in and play around with the software before committing to it. Get in there and play around. I’m pretty sure you’ll find it fits your needs well as a health and wellness coach. 


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