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covid vaccine vial

My experience with Mandated Vaccines

Many have written to me lately with concerns of being fired for refusing a Covid Vaccine. What you may not realize is I was actually fired almost 10 years ago for refusing a flu shot. Read on to learn what your rights are and how to refuse.

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Gift items for woman trying to conceive

The Ultimate Fertility Gift Guide for Women

Looking for the perfect gift for the woman in your life who’s trying to conceive? Check out this gift guide for thoughtful and helpful gifts for her.

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Nurse holding covid vaccine

Should You Get the Covid Vaccine? What You Need to Know Before the Jab

If you’re a living, breathing human in the US today, you’ve likely not been able to get away from the chatter about the covid vaccine. It’s literally everywhere – billboards, the news, YouTube videos, it’s like that bad song you hear everywhere you go. Let’s talk briefly about how vaccines are supposed to work (in […]

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Girl getting vaccine

Do you want to be “one less”? Can Gardasil Impact Fertility?

You remember the commercials too, don’t you? The girl jumping rope and one in front of the camera proclaiming she wants to be “one less” so she is getting the Gardasil vaccine to protect from cervical cancer. Gardasil is a vaccine that is targeted for girls (and now boys too) between the ages of 9-26 […]

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What Your Semen Analysis isn’t Telling About Your Male Infertility

I remember the first time I saw him, tall, dark, and handsome. Bonus – he knew how to make a great cup of coffee because he worked at the coffee cart in the hall right outside of the library. Brad, I found out his name from a classmate. I’m pretty sure she knew why I […]

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