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Ashe Milkovic from the International Association of Functional Hormone Health

From the last series of posts I wrote, many of you know that I have left healthcare and haven’t looked back. I wanted to take the next few weeks to introduce you all to some friends of mine who have impacted the way I view health and how I work with my client.

Today I’m chatting with Ashe Milkovic.
Ashe Milkovic is a Nutritional Therapy Practitioner and Functional Hormone Health Expert. As the founder and CEO of The International Association for Functional Hormone Health, Ashe strives to make advancements in women’s health accessible by teaching tools and strategies to health professionals to expand their knowledge, skill sets, and practices in functional hormone health. Through her association, Ashe is on a mission to educate, collaborate, and create a thriving community of skilled practitioners that are passionate in helping to transform the lives of women all over the globe

Ashe was guided to a natural approach to healthcare because of some issues she experienced with her digestive system, period, and PMS. She was having such bad pain with her cycles, that the pain was even worse than the miscarriage she experienced.

Of course, the answer she was given was to start on birth control, however, she was not happy with that answer and took it upon herself to learn about her body and what would help the symptoms she was experiencing.

This led Ashe to studying nutrition and learning how to heal her own body without medications. Having a history of fertility issues in her family and with her personal experiences gave her a passion for digging into hormones and how they effect every system in the body.

Ashe is passionate about helping her clients take ownership over their health and helping them to understand that they can help to heal themselves through food and lifestyle factors. Although there are ups and downs in the journey of health, Ashe wants women to feel empowered and encouraged that what they do can have a huge impact on their health.

I have seen so many beautiful transformations in people and it just continues to awe and inspire me every single day because each journey, each story is different and they’re all unique.

Ashe Milkovic

Ashe founded the AIFFH

The International Association for Functional Hormone Health is an educational institution on a mission to empower women’s health professionals with mastery in functional hormone health. Through 1:1 mentorship, practitioner training, academic webinars, and educational resources, IAFHH stands as the voice of authority on the most up-to-date education in women’s health. Whether you come from a background in nutrition, herbalism, fertility awareness, prenatal care, or clinical settings, IAFHH will provide you with revolutionary approaches to improving the health of your female clients and patients.

Through this foundation she offers a certification as a Functional Hormone Specialist so she can help other practitioners guide their clients in how to handle hormone dysfunction in a natural way. She does this by diving deep into hormone physiology and approaching hormones from a functional perspecive.

The program covers menarche to menopause and everything in between. The program includes business training on how to implement what you are learning as well as how to grow your practice.

Alumni are also offered the opportunity for continued mentorship and community. This allows practitioners to keep learning and growing in a supportive community as well as get feedback if they get stuck in a tough case.

Nurses and other healthcare professionals may enjoy the program because it will teach them how to utilize functional knowledge of hormones by learning how to support the body and work with it. They’ll be able to help either clients (or themselves) with menstrual irregularities or dysfunction.

Check out the Functional Hormone Specialist Certification here

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