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Alec Zeck Health Freedom for Humanity

Today I got to chat with Alec Zeck. He’s been banished on social media more than any human I know. He’s a husband, father, and former Captain in the army. Alec started the organization Health Freedom for Humanity last year to bring people together to defend health freedom. He is passionate about pointing out the inconsistencies that are rampant in the news and “science” lately. I know you’ll enjoy hearing from him and learning today.

The Journey to Health

Alec has always been interested in health in the common sense of the word. However, it wasn’t until his mom was struggling with her mental health that he realized there was more to health than being athletic and working out. After trying multiple medications and still not seeing the results they were after, they found Dr. Kelly Brogan and started working with her.  His mother finally found the help she so desperately needed without medication. Alec was intrigued that the “experts” couldn’t help his mom, but this holistic doctor, known as a quack, could.

Alec’s wife, who was struggling with an autoimmune disease, also started on this holistic lifestyle and saw great improvement in her symptoms and overall health as well. In a matter of months, her inflammation rates (known as an ESR in the lab world), was normal for the first time in years.

From Health to Health Freedom

Not every person who is interested in health, or even holistic health is interested or active in working toward health freedom. But once Alec’s eyes were opened to the dark side of allopathic care and pharmaceutical companies, he started researching vaccines as well. Alec was struck by the fact that, in spite of so much risk, all children were recommended, and in many places mandated, to get these vaccines. He felt the need to start advocating for the right to choose, which was only enhanced by covid in 2020.

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The Military and our Personal Freedoms

Alec signed up for the military because he wanted to do something virtuous and serve our country. However, after several years in the military, Alec noticed that there were some things that could not be questioned in the military. Questions like: Why was there no plane wreckage on the lawn of the Pentagon after the 9/11 attacks?

In his training, he was also taught to take the harder, right path than the easier, wrong path. He was taught to ask questions and never settle for a half-truth. This really unsettled him that there were so many inconsistencies and half-truths being told, along with our freedoms being stripped away. This is not the values he was taught, or held to in the military.

Alec feels it’s very important that we stand up for our God-given rights. We each have the freedom to choose, and it’s important that we take our rights, even when it feels uncomfortable because it seems like no one else is doing it. He shares a time recently where he held a conference, and they were kicked out of their venue for refusing to wear masks. However, by knowing their rights and standing up for them, the venue had to refund them and the event went off even better.

Do Viruses exist?

There’s been a lot of talk lately about the exosome theory. This is the theory that viruses have actually never been isolated in and of themselves. Alec talks through the process of how viruses are tested, which includes some weird procedures of utilizing mucus from an infected person and adding antibiotics, and placing them on an infected monkey kidney. They then use the broken down cells and matter to “prove” that viruses exist, even though they’ve added all the other components to this culture.

Alec references and encourages more reading on Dr. Stephen Lanka’s work as this is a very large and complex topic to cover so briefly.

Get Involved in Health Freedom

Check out Health Freedom for Humanity. You can also look up Freedom Keepers United, or (Your State) United for Freedom. Know that you are not alone! There are many people out there who want to pursue health freedom and more holistic options for health care.

Get to know Alec:

What’s the weirdest thing you’ve ever eaten (or drank)

Alec has drank his own urine as there are some people out there who believe there are benefits to this practice. Check out this article on urine therapy for more info.

What song must you sing along to every time you hear it?

Sweet Caroline for sure!

If you could have a superpower, what would it be?

Move things with my mind (like the Force)

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