Should You Get the Covid Vaccine? What You Need to Know Before the Jab


If you’re a living, breathing human in the US today, you’ve likely not been able to get away from the chatter about the covid vaccine. It’s literally everywhere – billboards, the news, YouTube videos, it’s like that bad song you hear everywhere you go.

Let’s talk briefly about how vaccines are supposed to work (in theory). A vaccine contains part of an organism that is supposed to “train” your body’s immune system should it ever come into contact with that organism again. Vaccines DO NOT guarantee you won’t get sick (I HATE the term “vaccine-preventable” disease), they are supposed to lessen the symptoms. In theory, if you do get sick, you should have less severe symptoms.

What’s the point?

With Covid-19, the survival rate of this virus is roughly 99.5% in most age groups. The huge majority of people will recover from this virus with no medical intervention. So, why are we rushing an untested vaccine to the market for people who will likely survive this virus unscathed?

Getting the vaccine doesn’t lessen transmission. You still are supposed to be wearing a mask and social distancing because getting vaccinated does not lessen the transmission of the virus.

And again, getting the shot does not mean that you won’t get infected. You can still get infected (and in fact, if you do get vaccinated and then infected, your symptoms may actually be worse – more on that in a minute.

You very likely already have the antibodies they are trying to elicit your body to make through the vaccine. If you’ve had covid (like many of us have), or even been around someone who’s had it, your body has likely already made its own antibodies!

We have never given a vaccine in the middle of an outbreak of something. Again, in going with the theory of how vaccines work above, they should be given before you come into contact with something. We’ve been at this whole covid thing in the US for roughly 14 months at present. I’d say that doesn’t count for prophylaxis. . .

What are the experts saying?

Ahh, the experts. Well if you listen to the ones who are on your TV (who are paid by those pharmaceutical ads), and the ones in the government, and even the self-appointed ones (I’m looking at you, Bill Gates), they will all tell you that you need to get it to save mankind (well, almost). You need to take one “for the team” so life can “go back to normal”.

However, there are several scientists who are sounding the alarm about this whole rushed jab.

Dr. Peter Hotez who is with the Baylor University College of Medicine spoke to congress in March of last year about how this should not be a rushed process and we should proceed with caution and very slowly. You can see that clip here.

Dr. Wolfgang Wodarg and Dr. Michael Yeadon, both whom have dedicated their lives to the development and advancement of vaccines, have sounded the alarm as well. These doctors have filed and application with the European Medicine Agency requesting immediate suspension of the covid vaccine.

Geert VanDen Bossche is an international vaccine expert. He has even worked for the Gates Foundation as well as GAVI. He has appealed to the WHO that scientific evidence is being ignored. You can watch more about that here.

Basically many brilliant minds have concerns about what is going on with the covid vaccine – see the Barrington Declaration. This should give people caution to wait and see, especially considering the survival rate is so high and many of us already have the antibodies to covid-19.

Even this study from PubMed shows that getting the vaccine can worsen clinical symptoms of the illness.

What are the risks?

With any medical procedure, there are risks – yes, a vaccine isa medical procedure. However, there are huge risks when something isn’t tested thoroughly. Or, the tests are designed to avoid the hard questions.

In 2019, there was a vaccine that came out for Dengue Fever. They rushed in giving it in areas that struggle with this virus (which is also an RNA virus like the coronavirus is). This had devastating affects in the Philippines where many children died from vaccine induced autoimmunity. These children were given the vaccine and then their bodies suffered from plasma leakage which could kill within hours.

What happens is a process known as pathogenic priming ( this link has been removed- I can’t imagine why). What happens is rather than the vaccine helping the body to attack the virus, the vaccine helps the virus attack the body which results in autoimmunity. This can be very serious and even deadly.

What this also does is turn every person who’s been vaccinated into a “gain of function” lab. This allows the virus to learn how to beat defenses and mutate to survive (have you ever heard of antibiotic resistance-same concept)? See the following news articles:

Covid spiking in a dozen states with high vaccination rates

South African Covid variant can “break through” Pfizer vaccine

“We found a disproportionately higher rate of the South African variant among people vaccinated with a second dose, compared to the unvaccinated group. This means that the South African variant is able, to some extent, to break through the vaccine’s protection,” said Tel Aviv University’s Adi Stern.

Lastly, many women have noticed irregular cycles, specifically heavy bleeding and cramping after having gotten the vaccine (or even from being around people who were recently vaccinated!). A professor in Illinois had this happen to her. She thought it would be worth studying and opened up a study for other women. She thought she’d have 500 or so, she is at over 25,000 participants.

According to the CDC, 1 in 5 pregnant women miscarry after getting the vaccine as well. This could be due to the fact that the spike protein, which is what your body is making antibodies to and is in all the vaccines. This spike protein looks almost identical to the protein syncytin, which makes up the base layer of the placenta. So, if you get this vaccine and ever become pregnant, it’s very possible that your body could attack that protein making the base layer of the placenta because it looks so similar to the spike proteins that were in the vaccine. This would in effect cause a miscarriage (or multiple miscarriages).

I don’t think anyone really knows what to expect or what may happen as this was completely rushed and an mRNA vaccine (like the moderna) is a newer technology to vaccines.

If you are facing losing your job over a covid vaccine mandate, please see my post here about your legal rights in refusing it.

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